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Outpatient Counseling

Outpatient counseling is generally a single appointment scheduled on a weekly basis until the presenting concerns are resolved.

Day treatment

Day Treatment is a five-day per week approach to providing intensive care through a team of professionals.  A typical day of treatment may include an individual counseling session with a therapist, expressive therapy, group therapy,  and devotions.

Group Counseling

Group sessions are for discussing personal problems: It helps in the treatment of psychological problems by placing patients in groups under the guidance of a trained therapist encouraging them to discuss their problems with each other.

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Taking care of your health


The mind must be renewed or brought into a right relationship with the Word of God in order to become whole and mature. "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of youir mind." (Romans 12:2)


It is possible to receive healing and restoration in your body as you are healed and restored in your soul.

Soul & Spirit

We have been saved, washed, sanctified, justified, and created anew: However, our soul-man still has many of the same thought patterns, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and desires it had before.

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